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Win 4 Tickets to YO GABBA GABBA! LIVE! Jan 26th

9 January 2013, 13:39



Win 4 TIX to YO GABBA GABBA! LIVE! Jan 26th


The sillies are crazy little creatures that live inside of us and need to be shaken out! DJ Lance Rock and everyone’s favorite cast of colorful characters are calling all fans in Boston to get ready to jump, shake and shimmy them out at the new live tour Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE!: Get the Sillies Out!Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE!: Get The Sillies Out! tour will visit more than 50 cities across the U.S. in 2013.  Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE! is touring in support of their first national beverage launch, a new line of toys, a new line of kids sportswear and a DVD/ CD collectors’ edition.

Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE!: Get the Sillies Out! will have two performances at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston on Saturday, Jan. 26th (2pm and 5pm). CLICK HERE for ticket information for the shows. Tickets start at $23.50. VIP Party packages are available as well, which include a ticket in the first 15 Rows, a pass to “Get the Sillies Out” in the private VIP room featuring a super fun party with the Gabba Gang (costumed characters) and more. Children under 1 year old do not require a paid ticket to sit on a parent’s lap.

For a complete list of tour dates, cities and show times, and a preview of the show, visit www.yogabbagabbalive.com  

Yo Gabba Gabba! is an award-winning, live-action television series and live stage show whose unconventional formula has created a triple stacked fan base, making it one of the most popular entertainment properties among preschoolers, parents and indie music lovers alike. The television show, now in its fourth season, airs several times a day on Nick Jr.

Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE!: Get the Sillies Out! marks the third tour for the successful Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE! concert series. The first tour, Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE!: There’s a Party in My City!, launched with a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and a performance at the White House in 2010.  Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE! 2010 tour played to sold out venues in 60 cities. Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE!: It’s Time to Dance! enjoyed repeat success in 2011, energizing audiences across North America at over 120 shows.

To enter to win 4 tickets to the 2 pm show on January 26th at The Orpheum Theatre in Boston, simply LEAVE A COMMENT below telling me who your favorite YO GABBA GABBA! character is! 

A winner will be pulled at random on Jan. 19th, so please have your entries in by Friday, January 18th at 11:59 pm EST. 



Congrats to Casey B!!! Casey, an email has been sent to you with more details. Have fun! 


  1. Cortney January 9, 2013

    Both of my boys love Brobbee - it would be so great to take them to see him live!

  2. Tasche January 9, 2013

    Broby! Or the one that looks like Muno but is always sad...poor thing!

  3. Amanda Morrissey January 9, 2013


  4. Daniela January 9, 2013

    My daughter loves Foofa and loves to sing along to all the upbeat songs!

  5. kathleen Mori January 9, 2013

    My 3 year old loves Brobee.

  6. Rebecca H January 9, 2013

    We love them all, including Gooble!

  7. Kaitlynn January 9, 2013

    Both of my boys love Plex!!

  8. Kim D. January 9, 2013

    We love Foofa in our home. With a girlie-girl of our own, Foofa, fits right in with her perky personality and all that pink! Three cheers for Yo Gabba Gabba!

  9. Julie Matthews January 9, 2013

    My daughter loves foofa the best! We would love to see the show!

  10. Jen silva January 9, 2013

    My 3 yr old loves to rap with bizz and my 1 and half year old lives Muno!

  11. karen miscioscia January 9, 2013

    My 5 year old daughter LOVES them all but her very favorites are Toodee and Foofa. She would absolutely love to see them live. She`d be the happiest little girl ever!

  12. Renee B January 9, 2013

    Foofa is my girl's favorite!

  13. Sue S January 9, 2013

    Brobee is our favorite!

  14. Lynette Allaire January 9, 2013

    Why DJ Lance Rock of course ;)

  15. Nancy January 9, 2013

    My girls dressed as Foofa, Brobee and Plex for this past Halloween. The also sleep with a giant Toodee, Muno and Brobee. I guess we love them all!

  16. Taylor Casey January 9, 2013

    My 2 year old daughter loves DJ Lance Rock! She's always yelling "Rock!" to get me to put it on our Netflix!

  17. Julee January 9, 2013

    My little guy loves DJ Lance and Brobee!

  18. Julee January 9, 2013

    My little guy love DJ Lance and Brobee!

  19. Virginia Tillinghast January 9, 2013

    Lance Rock is the man.

  20. KaYan January 9, 2013

    My son loves Brobee.

  21. Nichole Patton January 9, 2013

    My little girl lovvvvvveeeessssss Foofa!!!

  22. Beth Tek January 9, 2013

    My daughter loves them all! But she acts most like Toodee! I love Muno!

  23. michelle January 9, 2013

    All of them...but favors muno!

  24. laura amaral January 9, 2013

    Plex is our favorite because he is a magical robot.

  25. Andrea S January 9, 2013

    My son loves them all, and it depends what day it is to determine his favorite lol. I like Muno the best!

  26. Nicole Nowosielski January 9, 2013


  27. Wendy Oliveira January 9, 2013

    My daughter loves them all! Great show. We like DJ Lance Rock the best!

  28. Rebecca Stockdill January 9, 2013

    We love Foofa and Brobee!

  29. Chelley Martinka January 10, 2013

    Tweeted for you... we are a bit too young here for Yo Gabba Gabba, but I think I can wait for the charter-craze portion of childhood :)

  30. Katie M M January 10, 2013

    My boys like Muno and Plex!

  31. Alicia iacobo January 10, 2013

    My daughter loves dj lance rock...he is great!!!!

  32. mel January 10, 2013

    My son is OBSESSED!!!! Brobie all the way!!!! Fingers crossed!

  33. Michelle January 10, 2013

    Oh boy! This is awesome! My 4 yr old son loves Brobie, and LOVES dancing- and I think I just figured out why he asked me if he could please learn to play the turntables, lol!

  34. Karen January 10, 2013

    We love Brobie the best. He's sensitive and silly and loves to dance and eat his vegetables!!!

  35. Bridgette Boulay January 10, 2013

    We love Foofa!

  36. Heather @ Kraus House Mom January 10, 2013

    Really? Can you pick just one? My kids like Foofa and Brobee, I like Muno.

  37. Vanessa Martin January 10, 2013

    My five year old loves Brobee!

  38. Chelsea LaMarche January 10, 2013

    Foofa is a favorite in our house!!

  39. Donna Donahue January 11, 2013

    Toodee is our fav!

  40. Tracy January 11, 2013

    My 14 month old daughter Evangeline LOVES FooFa. Every time she comes on she starts singing and dancing!

  41. Jeena santos ahmed January 11, 2013

    My daughter loves Foofa, but enjoys all of the characters!

  42. Ashley Ohneck January 11, 2013

    My kids adore Brobee!!

  43. Erin OBrien January 11, 2013

    Avery loves Foofa!!

  44. Christina January 11, 2013

    Brobee for sure!

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  46. Stephanie January 13, 2013

    My son loves brobee!!

  47. krystal rivera January 14, 2013

    I would have to say my sons favorite character is Broby!!!!! hes really relatable and super cute! and their favorite color! thanks for the chance heres my email deadzone42@gmail.com

  48. Karen L. January 15, 2013

    We love all the characters on the show, but I think it's the guests that make the show even better!

  49. erica January 16, 2013

    i'm with karen l. on this one, definitely all the guests and music groups :) that show definitely helps get the wiggles out for us!

  50. Carina January 16, 2013

    Just one!?!? I asked Owen (2), he says they are ALL his friends. My personal favorite song is "There's a party in my tummy...so yummy...so yummy!" :)

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