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Lily’s Closet: Friday Edition

19 October 2012, 11:02



There are a lot of awesome fashion blogs that do segments like, “What to Wear” for the days of the week. I love looking through the ideas and styles of my blogging colleagues, so I’ve taken this idea and have adjusted to my page with…


My 3 year-old, Lily, bless her heart, dresses herself every morning within 15 seconds after getting out of bed. She wears her outfits loud and proud. (And most of the time, they’re LOUD.) While it’s a constant struggle with her when I need to have input on what she leaves the house in, it is at the same time refreshing that she does it herself, since her older sister will wear her pajamas for 7 days straight if I don’t intervene.

Every morning, Chad and I find ourselves saying, “What the heck does she have on?” So, naturally, it’s a perfect style segment for my blog.

Today’s outfit:

Long-sleeved green graphic tee: Children’s Place
Hello Kitty mini-jacket/tee combo: Marshall’s
Pink biker shorts: Children’s Place
Silver sequins boots: Children’s Place
BALLS headband: RISD art sale



  1. Sharon S October 19, 2012

    What an awesome outfit. Love the boots. She will be the author of a "What To Wear" First Grade Eidtion

  2. melissa October 21, 2012

    She is seriously awesome.

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