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Tuesday, September 18

19 September 2012, 16:52



** DISCLAMER: This entire section of my blog is self-serving. Since I stopped filling my girls’ baby books the week after they were each born, I’ve decided to document their car conversations on my blog. Mostly so that my husband and I can laugh at them. (In a meaningful motherly and fatherly way, of course.) 

Lily: “Did you have fun at school today, Averi?”

Averi: “Yes, Lil. But the boys said my shoes were ugly.”

Me (butting in): “Who said your shoes were ugly?”

Averi: “All the boys. They said I look like a jaguar.”

Me: “Your shoes do look like jaguars. That doesn’t mean they think it’s ugly. That’s not the same thing and they didn’t say your shoes are ugly.”

Averi: “Ok.”

Lily: “Did you have fun in school today, Averi?”

Averi: “Lil. You need to do yogurt and find peace.”

Lily: “I love yogurt.”

Averi: ” NO, Lil. LIKE THIS.” (Then proceeds to place her hands together, as if she was praying.)

Me: “Averi, do you mean YOGA?”

Averi: “Yes, that’s what I said. Yoga. You should do that and find peace.”

Lily: “Do you want yogurt when we get home, Averi?”



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