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Thursday, September 27

27 September 2012, 14:37



** DISCLAMER: This entire section of my blog is self-serving. Since I stopped filling my girls’ baby books the week after they were each born, I’ve decided to document their car conversations on my blog. Mostly so that my husband and I can laugh at them. (In a meaningful motherly and fatherly way, of course.) 


Averi’s birthday party is this weekend and during our outing at BJ’s this morning, Lily spotted an Ariel birthday card that she HAD to get for her big sister.

Lily: “Mom, STOP. I want to get that for my best friend for her birthday.”

Of course, we grabbed the card so that Lily could draw a birthday picture inside and give it to her sister at her party this weekend.

We left BJ’s and drove to pick Averi up from school. No sooner than half a second that Averi stepped into the car, Lily said, “Averiiii.. I got you somethiiinnnnggg.” And handed her the card.

The rest of the conversation went something like this:

Averi: “Oh, that’s so nice, Lil. Thank you.”

Lily: “It’s a card for your birthday. Because you’re my best friend.”

Averi: “Thanks, Lil. I’ll keep it in the envelope so it doesn’t get ruined.”

Lily: “I drew your name and drew you inside.”

Averi: (looking at it, perplexed): “Where’s my name? I don’t see it.”

Lily: (taking the card and searching for the name): “Oh, what the heck?? It was here. Where’d it go? Oh, I must have drew over it. Silly me.”

Averi: (laughing): “Oh, that’s funny.”

Lily: “Do you love it? Huh, Averi? Do you love the card I got you?”

Averi: “Yes, I love it. Thank you. But, Lil? The next time you do this? Get me a present.”



  1. Kameron October 3, 2012

    I do that things my kids say posts too. i love tyo look back on them and crack up especially because you can picture how they sounded in your head! :)

  2. Whitney Diallo April 6, 2013

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