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The Easter Bunny has arrived.

25 March 2013, 21:58



I love Easter.

It’s a symbol of new beginnings, renewed spirit and is a kickoff to longer, sunnier, brighter days. It’s filled with happiness, comfort, and treasured family bonding. And it’s also a day for egg hunts, ricotta pies and THE EASTER BUNNY.

Each year, the Easter Bunny makes his (or her) way around our house and she kinda has a routine as to what special goodies are left. (Our Easter bunny is a Virgo with slight OCD. She has control issues.)

Our Easter Bunny’s list is pretty similar each year, and each year, she has a few bunny rules of what she doesn’t want in the girls’ baskets. No Peeps. No jellybeans. No sugary, pastelly stuff. (Before you write me off as the most boring mom ever, you should know that they each still get a piece of chocolate. Because chocolate is a main food group.)

It’s no secret that our family has been on a healthy journey sine the beginning of this year. So, when it comes to holidays, now especially, I can’t blow it all out of the water with junk. But, I also don’t want my girls growing up thinking they can’t ever celebrate, enjoy a special treat, or eat a lollipop without thinking they just broke a commandment.

Instead, our Easter Bunny just leaves them something else to nibble on.

I’ve always been on board with Annie’s Homegrown.

Aside from the fact that I love their mission of committing to supporting organic practices and honest labeling, are firmly opposed to GMO ingredients, and take pride in working with farmers who are passionate about quality and sustainability, all of their products really taste good. In fact, it’s the only mac and cheese I will feed my children. (And they inhale two packages of it like they were–wait for it–jellybeans.)

It’s a brand I’ve used repeatedly over the last 6 years and a brand I love.

So, when I thought about what treats to place in their Easter baskets this year, Annie’s became the perfect fit.

How great are these? DIY Organic Cheddar Bunnies carrots!

I took a box of organic cheddar bunnies, dropped a handful into a clear frosting piping bag (found at any store that has cake supplies) and tied them off with a green ribbon. Beautiful and tasty without the sugar-high.

Of course, you could try this with any of the many fun bunny themed products from Annie’s– the Organic Cheddar Bunnies, the Honey Bunny Grahams or the Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks. (They even have gluten-free Snickerdoodle Bunny Cookies.)

Some nutritional information about each:

Organic Cheddar Bunnies
• Baked with organic wheat flour and real aged cheddar
• 0g trans fat
• Low saturated fat
• No cholesterol
• No sugar added


Honey Bunny Grahams
• Excellent source of calcium
• No saturated fat
• No cholesterol
• 8g or more of whole grain per serving
• Made with organic wheat
• Also available in Bunny Friends (honey and chocolate grahams)


Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks
• Certified organic
• Free of artificial coloring
• Made with real fruit juice
• 100% DV of vitamin C
• Vegan & gelatin free
• Gluten free
• Flavors: Tropical Treat, Berry Patch, Sunny Citrus, Summer Strawberry, Grapes Galore, and Pink Lemonade


I don’t think Easter needs to be all about candy. I don’t think any holiday does (contrary to what most drugstores might tell you.) You can give smarter, healthier options for treats and feel good about what you stick in that pretty basket.

Besides, you know your parents are gonna give them jellybeans anyway.

Here are the girls’ baskets. They’re filled with drawing pads, coloring books, art supplies, glittery lip glosses (so I can deflect them from taking mine), Easter-themed socks, new packs of character underwear (this is worth more than 10 pounds of jellybeans to them), new Piggy Paint nailpolish colors, a chocolate bar, and, of course, their Annie’s bunny carrots. I know they will love every piece. And I’m pretty sure Averi will ask for every future school lunch to be packaged like a carrot.

Charlotte, bless her little 2 year-old Jekyl and Hyde heart, gets the Annie’s snack and piece of chocolate, a new water thermos, and a toy, since she’s not so much into the art stuff yet. Unless decorating the entire bathroom door and 62% of the house’s walls count. Which is exactly why she doesn’t get any.

Hope you all have a happy and healthy Easter! What does the Easter Bunny leave in your house?

 * Disclosure- I was provided Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies and the materials to create the “carrots,” but all opinions are my own. I may have eaten half the box, too. 


  1. mel March 26, 2013

    We love Annie's in our household! We have that snack at least once a day! I love the Easter basket idea- the girls are going to be so happy!

  2. Audrey - Mom Generations March 26, 2013

    I've never tried Annie's for their snacks. Will def try out and love the Easter Basket... I'm trying to find items that will travel well to Pittsburgh, this would be great!!!

  3. Love Annie's, but didn't know about THESE Annie's! Beautiful Easter basket treats for 3 beautiful, lucky little girls! Thanks for the tips... now just trying to keep Pop-up Bunny away from the jelly beans, circa 1950 treat of all treats! xo!

  4. we are big annie's fans too. it's all Benjamin has! I haven't even gotten stuff for his Easter basket yet. EEK!

  5. Sheri March 26, 2013

    Love it. We're big fan of Annies too! I made the horrible mistake of letting the kids know that the Easter Bunny doesn't have elves so he doesn't bring toys (they kept asking for stuff, they wanted to make a list). Now I'm trying to find alternatives that aren't loaded with sugar.

  6. Michele C. March 26, 2013

    we LOVE annie's here too!! I love that carrot idea, I may have to do that!!! I don't buy candy but my dear mother does. Dang grandparents ;-)

  7. jackiehennesse1 March 26, 2013

    Such a cute idea, Jen! I LOVE it. I snack on Annie's all the time and my daughter swears by Annie's mac and cheese! You are so creative. And SUCH an inspiration. XO

  8. Joanna {Baby Gators Den} March 26, 2013

    We love Annie's here! You're so crafty, those baskets will be perfect!

  9. sarah b March 26, 2013

    Great idea!! I've been debating what to put in Avery's eggs since candy is kind of out of the question. This is perfect!!

  10. Chelley / AisForAdelaide March 27, 2013

    Love this! Addie is just a babe, but I don't want junk in the house- I NEED to make her those cheddar carrots- what a great snack. We added a beautiful dress we got on consignment, a Bible Story Book, eggs with pennies in them (I collect pennies as savings for her) and a bunny that when hugged says a message Dave and I recorded in the basket!

  11. You've inspired me! I need to get out in the morning and get a few things! Love these healthy alternatives! Happy Easter!

  12. Heather @ Kraus House Mom March 27, 2013

    The Easter Bunny doesn't leave a lot of candy here either and very little chocolate because of the dog (she steals everything). The EB does leave lots of gum and mints, my kids love those. Of course they get lots of outdoor things, jump ropes, bubbles, sidewalk chalk etc.

  13. Michelle March 27, 2013

    Love those cute carrots! So adorable and easy! We don't do much candy either- lots of arts and crafts type gifts! (BTW, My 5 yr old used to decorate the entire house with scribbles as well- so glad that is over! I fell ya! :))

  14. Sana Bross May 4, 2013


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