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Taste Trekkers Food Tourism Conference Comes to Providence

8 March 2013, 16:33



I’m a complete foodie groupie.

I’ve always loved to cook, from as early an age as I can remember, and I’ve always been fascinated by the culinary industry. Before I had kids, the Food Network was the channel of choice and, even now, any time a show like Top Chef, Next Food Network Star or Diners, Drive-ins and Dives starts a season, I bust out my happy dance. I would be thrilled if any of my daughters ended up in culinary school and I bought Disney’s Ratatouille for them solely based on the fact that it takes place in a (pretend-world) noted French restaurant.

Aside from the artistic nature and expertise of a knowledgable chef who can throw random ingredients together to create a masterpiece being exciting to me, I think what I love most is that food brings people together. It brings happiness and joy. It keeps a family rooted in conversation. And it’s comforting, satisfying and adventurous. If there is one thing on my family bucket list (besides winning the lottery), it’s to travel our country (or world) to EAT REALLY GOOD FOOD.

So, how awesome is this? The Taste Trekkers Food Tourism Conference is the nation’s first event designed for people who plan their vacations around food. This event will bring together hundreds of chefs, farmers, food bloggers, travel writers, culinary students and other passionate foodies as it showcases regional cuisines from around the country.

And, guess what, peeps? It’s coming to Providence this September.

I am so excited that I might have to drop the words “confit” into a paragraph three to five times this weekend. (Don’t let me fool you. The only thing I’m “confit’ing” are my kids in a bathtub filled with soap.)

The event will feature a cocktail reception, a tasting pavilion, a food truck court, and group dinners all around the city. Matt Jennings, superstar chef of Farmstead in Wayland Square, will give the conference’s keynote address. (He’s one heck of a chef. I know, because I’ve eaten his delicious food.)

Taste Trekkers is the brainchild of Seth Resler, founder of the social dining group Mystery Meet, who has had his production and marketing work praised in The Boston Globe, Radio and Records Magazine, WBUR-FM, and Boston.com. His hopes are that this event will allow passionate foodies to sample cuisines from different cities, learn about the culinary history of different regions, and gain practical tips for planning their own food-based adventures–whether you love Parisian escargot or Texan burgers.

The conference is scheduled for September 20-22 of this year, but isn’t guaranteed yet. In order to launch the project in its initial year, a kickstarter campaign has been set up and they need your help. Help them reach their fundraising goal in the month of March to make this exciting event a reality. And, when you pledge your support, you’ll be rewarded.

Who doesn’t like prizes? Especially when they revolve around food?

Check out the video below for all the awesome details and hope to see you there!

** Disclosure- I will receive a ticket to the Conference in exchange for social media promotion. However, I love the concept of this conference and would promote this awesome event, regardless. Who doesn’t love good food?


  1. liza March 8, 2013

    i am so excited for this! we are going to have so much fun! side note? i love that you will be dropping the word “confit” LOL

  2. Chelley / AisForAdelaide March 8, 2013

    I'm jealous of anyone that walks into this event! Sounds so amazing... sadly it's so far away! I cannot wait to read about it! You bust out that happy dance- I graduated from JWU and though I was not culinary- made it a point to date a few awesome chefs :)

  3. Elizabeth Atalay March 8, 2013

    I am so excited that this conference is coming to Providence! I am an aspiring foodie, and Providence deserves this type of food mecca recognition I believe!

  4. mel March 8, 2013

    How awesome that this conference is coming to Providence!!! So much fun!

  5. Jodi March 9, 2013

    Sounds like so much fun! Who knew providence was such a national hot spot for foodies?

  6. This sounds fun, I'm afraid to be a foodie.

  7. So cool that it's coming to Providence!!!

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