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Meal Plan Monday- April 15

14 April 2013, 21:26



Up a day early! After missing this post for the last two weeks! Winning!

Here’s our line-up for some good eats this week:

Marinated grilled steak tips (marinade- bit of olive oil, bit of worcestshire sauce, montreal steak seasoning, garlic)
Sauteed asparagus + brussel sprouts (in balsamic vinegar, with some chopped garlic)
Carrot Fries (strips of carrots sauteed in coconut oil)

Dinner at Casa Coelho. I’m channeling the Universe to send vibes for “sausage and peppers.” Whole Foods has a great nitrate-free, preservative-free, real-ingredient chicken cilantro sausage and I have two nifty packs sitting in my freezer. I’d like to nominate this for their dinner. (You reading this, dad?)

Salmon fillets grilled, with seasoning
Sauteed spinach
Black, red, garbanzo bean salad (onion, tomato, parsley, red wine vinegar, olive oil, kosher salt)

Dinner at Casa Senecal (word is that we’re having a fish meal of sorts. Mmmmm.)

Against the Grain Gluten-free Pesto Pizza. Salad. Fruit. PS- these pizzas ROCK.


Extra food prep for the week:

- 12 hard boiled eggs (to throw on salads or grab as snacks)
- 12 egg muffins, made with red peppers, spinach, onion and garlic, topped with tomato (for easy breakfast)

- Fresh pineapple and red peppers chopped up, for easy snacking.

- Homemade tomato sauce (or “gravy” as some of you fellow Italian peeps might call it), to use in a gluten-free turkey and veggie lasagna I’ll prep this week and cook next weekend. (Recipe is from MyHealthyDish Instagram feed. This is also a snapshot of her photo. If you don’t follow her yet, you should.)


Didn’t get to it today, but going to make these guilt-free little treats tomorrow to satisfy any cravings this week! Paleo Junior Mint Squares.

This recipe is courtesy of Swiss Paleo and can be found here: http://swisspaleo.ch/paleo-junior-mint-squares/

What’s in your fridge waiting to be cooked this week???? 



  1. candice April 15, 2013

    mouth is watering! where can I find this pizza?

  2. Heather @ Kraus House Mom April 15, 2013

    I so want grilled steak tips, but I'm afraid there might be something living in the grill. I should send Teddy out to open it and film it from my window.

  3. mel April 15, 2013

    Seriously, I need to take cooking lessons from you! You are an amazing mom and also an amazing chef! Your family is lucky to have you in their lives! Sounds so yummy!!

  4. sheri April 15, 2013

    I want to come over almost every night this week! Let me know how the paleo mint bars come out. They sound amazing. Pizza? Did you find them at whole foods?

  5. Kirsten April 17, 2013

    My husband would love you. So organized! I usually call him at 2 and ask what he thinks he wants for dinner. So uninspired. The kids love red meat in all forms and would drool for the steak tips. Big hit in this house. They cry when I make chicken. #spoiledrotten I, on the other hand, want those paleo junior mint squares. Yum!

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