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Home for the Holidays- FREE ebook!

4 December 2012, 15:02



Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 2.54.46 PM

Sometimes I do nice things. Like, shower more than once in three days. Or let my kids eat 2 Lindt balls each when I need something from them in return (usually it’s to get them to get me one, too). Or even let my husband think I’m still sound asleep in the morning so he [...]

Thankful Thursday

29 November 2012, 10:21



Screen Shot 2012-11-29 at 10.20.25 AM

I’m linking up to Baby Gators Den this week with my Thankful Thursday. Here’s at it: – COFFEE. For whatever reason, this week is kicking my ass. And, relatively speaking, it’s the least hectic week I’ve had in a while (I think). Just another example of how we’re worked to the bone and we crave [...]

50 Grab Gifts for $15 or Less

26 November 2012, 09:57



Screen Shot 2012-11-26 at 9.16.44 PM

We all have them. The Yankee Swap, Grab Gift, Secret Santa or whatever it may be called in your family/friend groups. Whether it’s at the office, a friend’s party or the holiday days and nights themselves, it’s sometimes challenging to come up with ideas as to what to get. So I’ve made a list for [...]

Is there really a Santa Claus? Yes, because he writes back!

16 November 2012, 15:01




(Image Source: www.DesignEditor.typepad.com) I received an email from the USPS today introducing a very cool program called “Letters from Santa,” and I wanted to share it, since I’ll be doing it with my own girls. Your kids can send their letters to Santa and receive one back! Here’s how “Letters From Santa” works:  1. Write [...]

Week in My Life: Saturday

27 October 2012, 22:27



Adventuroo WIML saturday

I know that I fell off the wagon of updating these from Wednesday til now, but I’ve been a little frantic in trying to prep for this Disney vacation that we’re heading out on Monday. And, you know, we have a hurricane coming the same exact day. That’s what happens, folks, when I try to [...]

Week in My Life: Tuesday

24 October 2012, 21:57



Adventuroo WIML tuesday

For Monday, I gave you a rundown of my entire day, except for the part about me winning a million dollars. But, for the rest of the week, I’m going to highlight (or lowlight) just a piece of my day. Otherwise you might be offended by how glamorous my life is when I’m not wiping [...]

Week in My Life: Monday

23 October 2012, 22:27



Adventuroo WIML monday 12

I’m jumping in a little late today, but I’m following along with Adventuroo’s Week in My Life series (thanks to my awesome friend Melissa, who reminded us all about this). Are you ready for my Monday? Are you hoping for some crazy shenanigans and wild adventures? Me, too. That’s why I watch Bravo. Our shenanigans are slightly [...]

100 Things About Me. (I know you’re curious.)

19 October 2012, 08:43




I’ve linked up with some awesome Rhody Bloggers girls over on All of Me Now and today’s topic is 100 Things About Me. Have you had your coffee yet? Because this might take a few minutes. 1. I was co-valedictorian of the 8th grade. I also wore a peach dress with a neckline that closely [...]

Thankful Thursday

18 October 2012, 11:05



Screen Shot 2012-10-18 at 10.49.05 AM

Here are the five things I’m thankful for this week: 1. Children’s bathing suits. Because, without them, I’m not sure what my little coyote of a 3 year-old would dress up in the second she gets out of bed. This morning, it was a purple and pink spotted tankini, mismatched Disney socks, glittery pink sneakers [...]

Thankful Thursday

4 October 2012, 08:39




My lovely friend Joanna at Baby Gators Den has started this great link-up. Lord knows I need to take a step back and count my blessings. I’ve had a couple of rough weeks. I hate to even say that out loud, because my definition of “rough” isn’t anything life-altering. I’m just stuck in that I’m-so-overwhelmed-with-the-enormity-of-taking-care-of-three-children-while-working-a-full-time-schedule-in-less-than-part-time-hours-while-maintaining-a-house-that-has-been-lacking-in-wine. [...]


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