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Advance Auto Parts 4-pk ticket GIVEAWAY + discount code!

18 January 2013, 14:18




Monster Jam is coming to Providence from February 22nd – 24th!

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam®, starring the biggest performers on four wheels: Monster Jam monster trucks! The twelve-feet-tall, ten-thousand-pound machines will bring you to your feet, racing and ripping up a custom-designed track full of obstacles to soar over or smash through!  Monster Jam provides a massive night’s entertainment tailored perfectly for your family’s budget, and these colorful, larger-than-life beasts are sure to capture the hearts of both young and old.


Dunkin’ Donuts Center

Feb. 22 – 24, 2013

Show Times:
Friday – 7:30PM
Saturday – 2PM & 7:30PM
Sunday – 2PM

Pit Party:
Saturday 11AM – 12:30PM
Tickets are $10 to enter

$25 – $35 – $55
Kids ticket – 50% off
$2 more Day of Show

Save $4
Use code “DIGGER”
Valid: Friday 7:30PM & Saturday 7:30PM ONLY
Valid: on $25 tickets  – not valid on kids tickets

Get tickets and more information HERE.

Truck Line-up:
GRAVE DIGGER- Chad Tingler
SPIDERMAN- Bari Musawwir
AAP GRINDER- John Seasick
EL TORO LOCO- Becky McDonough
CRUSHSTATION- Greg Winchenbach

By the way, let it be known that we’ve called our middle daughter EL TORO since she was born. It all makes sense now.

Guess what? I’m giving away a 4-pack of tickets to the Friday, 7:30 PM show!

To enter, simply leave a comment below answering the following question: WHO IS YOUR KID’S FAVORITE DRIVER/TRUCK?

This giveaway will run until Sunday, January 27th, at 11:59 pm. A winner’s name will be chosen at random on Monday, January 28th and announced.



After a random drawing, the winner of the 4-pack of tickets to the Friday, 7:30 pm show is…..

Andrea Salvo!!

Andrea, please check your email for details!!! Congrats!




  1. Kathryn Buehler January 18, 2013

    My boys would LOVE to go to the show. Our 4 year old who has never been but always wanted to go said " Grave Digger is our favorite"

  2. Trish Hampton January 18, 2013

    Well mine are 3 & 4 and they just like the size of the trucks - if I asked them they would reply the disney Cars monster trucks on Mater's Tall Tales :)

  3. Amy Donovan January 18, 2013

    My son's favorite truck is Son Uva Digger.

  4. Courtney Medeiros January 18, 2013

    El Toro Loco

  5. Michelle D January 18, 2013

    Monster Mutt!

  6. Tammy Ciancaglini January 18, 2013

    Grave Digger is my son's and daughters favorite! :)

  7. Tammy Ciancaglini January 18, 2013

    Grave Digger ...is my son's and daughters favorite! :)

  8. Stacey Beal January 18, 2013

    Grave Digger- Hes a role model in that hes always willing to give it another try if he didnt succeed the first time. Though its "monster trucks" its still an example many look passed seeing

  9. robert foster January 18, 2013

    I have 5 kids, 3 boys and 2 girls, and they all LOVE gravedigger!! This show will be awesome for them :-)

  10. Liza Glick January 18, 2013

    We don't have a favorite because we've never been to a show, but the girls are dying to go!

  11. Catherine L. Moyer January 18, 2013

    We have never been able to go due to finances, but would LOVE to find out who our favorite might be if we won! ;)

  12. Melissa O"neill January 18, 2013

    Our 7 year old loves-EL TORO LOCO- Becky McDonough!!!

  13. Rebecca Sousa January 18, 2013

    My son LOVES Monster Trucks and is torn between Grave Digger and Monster Mutt!

  14. lindsey haluch January 18, 2013

    My kids looooooooove grave digger!!!

  15. Jenn Richter January 18, 2013

    My kids both LOVE Monster Mutt!

  16. Juliet Veltri Dwyer January 18, 2013

    My son Jack is only two but he just loves all the monster trucks! We saw the original "Gravedigger" in North Carolina. So I would have to say that truck is his fav!

  17. Amelia DeCesare January 18, 2013

    My godson tells me gravedigger is definitely the best!

  18. Crystal Brown January 18, 2013

    Gravedigger :-)

  19. Nicole Hawkins January 18, 2013

    My boys would LOVE to see all the trucks, but Grave Digger is their favorite. Thanks!

  20. Tiffany Drew January 18, 2013

    My kids would absolutely LOVE to see this, as would the husband and I. We've never had the chance to go to anything like this before. My son loves Grave Digger! Thank you for the opportunity!

  21. Cristy Rice January 18, 2013

    my son loves grave digger!

  22. Jennifer Dunphy January 18, 2013

    My son is obsessed with the Scooby Doo truck, but I don't think he is scheduled for this show - but Spiderman is a great next best thing!

  23. Jeannie gardiner January 18, 2013

    Chad Tingler - Grave Digger

  24. Michelle Sharpe January 18, 2013

    Favorite= Gravedigger (of course)!

    Thank You!

  25. CaseyB January 18, 2013

    Its a close race between SpiderMan and Monster Mutt Dalmation. It depends what day you ask him lol :-)

  26. Gina Clapprood January 18, 2013

    Both my boys LOVE Gravedigger!!! Spiderman is also a fave :)

  27. Nancy January 18, 2013

    Chad Fortune/Captain America

  28. Sheri Montecalvo January 18, 2013

    I would love to take my 3 year old son for his first time. It would be a great birthday present. He loves monster trucks and has decorated his room all in monster trucks. Then we could set a favorite.

  29. Sheri Votolato January 18, 2013

    backdraft is my son's favorite.

  30. Eric W. January 18, 2013

    My daughter likes El Toro Loco and my son likes Grave Digger.

  31. Melissa C. January 18, 2013

    My son's favorite is Grave Digger.

  32. Andrea January 18, 2013

    Grave Digger is my sons favorite!

  33. Cheryl Martins January 18, 2013

    Grave digger- my son is turning 3 and would love to go with his father to this. He has never been before.

  34. Kate January 18, 2013

    He likes Grave digger and the superman monster truck!

  35. Kate January 18, 2013

    oops meant spiderman :)

  36. Sarah Silva January 19, 2013

    We all love Grave Digger!

  37. Amanda M January 19, 2013

    My son LOVES all of the trucks, he's too young to pick a favorite for himself, but our whole family has always loved gravedigger!!

  38. Catarina January 19, 2013

    My four-year-old son says Grave Digger.

  39. diane sabatini January 19, 2013

    He likes Krazy Train Thrasher.

  40. Heather @ Kraus House Mom January 20, 2013

    Teddy doesn't have a specific favorite driver, but he's all over the Spiderman truck.

  41. Stephanie January 21, 2013


  42. Lisa C. January 21, 2013

    My son's favorite would be all of them...but seriously if he had to pick I would say Backdraft because he loves all things fire truck!

  43. Dana Houle January 22, 2013

    My Son, Aiden would love to go... He loves GraveDigger!! :) He loved Trucks & Dirt!!

  44. Ashley Ohneck January 24, 2013

    My whole family is Aftershock fans!! Yeahhhh Monster Trucks!!

  45. Jessica Morrison January 24, 2013

    James is definitely a fan of the Grave Digger! He wants to go so badly! :-)

  46. Cortney January 24, 2013

    My older son LOVES Grave Digger!

  47. Maureen Zanella January 24, 2013

    My son's favorite is Grave Digger!

  48. Christy January 24, 2013


  49. Mat D January 24, 2013

    My son would love to go to this, Spiderman is definitely his favorite.

  50. Rita Wolff January 24, 2013

    I'm entering to win tickets for my daughter who really really wants to go. Her favorite is gravedigger

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